Stuart Mclean

Gabriel N.


Dave is one of the main characters. He is always getting in to trouble which his wife has to get him out of. He is a hypochondriac and is always worrying about getting sick or stuck or dying.


Morley is always getting her husband out of trouble. She likes cooking and cares about her family's reputation.


Sam is clumsy like his father he likes sports but isn't good at them. He accidently joins a field hockey team. He's always coming up with crazy ideas and enjoys listening to his fathers stories.


Stephanie is Sam's older sister she and Sam never get along she ranges from 14-22 in the stories she has a boyfriend named Tommy.


I've read lots of Stuart Mclean stories but here is some of my absolute favorites. Revenge of Rhoda, The science experiment, The waterslide, Sam the athlete, and Tour de Dave. In all of the Stuart Mclean story's there's a good message so you'll always come out learning something.
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I love all the Stuart Mclean stories because they have lots of humor. But when you read Stuart McLean stories they always teach a good life lesson. They always make me laugh even when I'm sad.


I love the way Start Mclean writes. He writes from the characters perspective as well as third person perspective he always knows how to make everyone laugh young or old. He's always so creative. He started making stories along time ago when he first created these characters.