My Strengths and Weaknesses

What I'm good at and What i'm not

My Top 5 Strengths

My top 5 Strengths are:

  1. Self Motivation
  2. Leadership
  3. optimism
  4. Adaptability
  5. Integrity

My #1 weakness

My #1 weakness is Focus, I really need to try and over come my weakness. I can accomplish that goal by paying more attention of course, instead of just going with the flow, I need to start setting goals and trying to reach them, i need to stay aware and keep others informed, i have a strong leadership role but you cant be a leader if your not focused at all. To overcome my weakness i have to make a change, and change is not a good thing for me i like everything to stay the same, but it cant always be like that. i hope i can put all my small weaknesses aside so i can try and overcome my big Weakness which is being Focused.....

I can Overcome my Weakness !!!!