EL PD Opportunity with EL Achieve

Deadline to Apply: May 15th



Through the EL Task Force, data analysis, and input from the Board, the district is aware of a vital need to provide more support for Long-Term English Learners in core content classes. EL Achieve offers an effective program that allows teachers with heterogeneous classes to integrate language support into content-area courses. EL Achieve provides support for administrators and teachers with strategies that integrate research-based instructional practices with highly effective language supports. The five- day institute includes PD on language functions, resources and strategies, and provides time for teachers to plan and analyze student work. This organization aligns with the district philosophy of guided release, meaning that eventually, Sequoia teacher leaders will exclusively provide EL Achieve PD for staff.

What is offered for teachers:

A five-day PD series for teachers to learn about language functions and how to integrate language strategies into core classes (English, math, social studies, and science). The district hopes to offer more cohorts for teachers in the Fall of 2017 and beyond. Participants will implement strategies after the initial two-day PD and bring back student work to analyze.


Teachers of CORE (English, math, science, social studies), content-area courses who want to implement more language strategies for EL students in their mainstream classes (especially Long Term English Learners).

You can find more information on EL Achieve and their pedagogical approach here.

And- ask you site administrators about the program. They all attended an introduction to the work of EL Achieve over the summer.


  • Learn strategies that will impact LTELs and help them to succeed in core classes
  • Collaborate with colleagues on lesson plans and analysis of student work
  • Potential to attend a leadership institute in the fall of 2017 and lead this PD for other teachers


  • Attend all five days of the institute (Dates: TBD)
  • Implement strategies in your classroom
  • Engage in observational feedback and coaching
  • Collaborate with colleagues to plan lessons (during the PD days)

Criteria for Consideration

  • Number of years teaching
  • Critical mass of ELs in courses (esp. LTELs)
  • Regular implementation of research- based strategies
  • Some experience with implementing curriculum/strategies and/or leading in some area of instruction
  • Representation from all sites and all core subject areas

Teachers Who Are Interested Apply Here

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