Digital Learning Collaborative

Professional Development for RSU2 Educators

Digital Learning Collaborative

Leveraging technology to cultivate independent, globally-minded, reflective learners.

Does one or more of this describe you?

  • Your students have access to laptops and iPads, but it’s sometimes difficult to figure out how best to use these tools effectively.

  • You know it’s possible to engage learners in technology-infused, challenging, and engaging learning experiences, but there doesn’t seem to be enough time to plan and implement them.

  • Your students mostly use classroom iPads and laptops for educational games, reading e-books, and using skill-and-drill programs. You suspect you could do more with the devices in your room, but you don’t know where to start.

  • You want to discover ways technology can be used to help your students demonstrate proficiency in learning targets.

  • You know other educators—in your school, the district, and the world at large—are doing neat things with technology, but you never have an opportunity to connect with them to find out what’s working.

Enter the RSU 2 Digital Learning Collaborative

The RSU 2 tech integrators have teamed up to plan a professional development opportunity for PK-5 educators in the district.

The ultimate goal of the Digital Learning Collaborative (DLC) is to support educators as they develop collective and individual plans to address the Essential Question below.

Our Essential Question

How do we leverage technology to cultivate independent, globally-minded, reflective learners?

The Details

Participants will meet virtually and face to face, February-June. In addition to earning 10+ contact hours, participants will...

  • explore new digital tools and teaching practices,

  • collaborate with colleagues,

  • establish individualized professional learning networks,

  • implement action projects in their classrooms,

  • share their learning with other educators, and

  • have an opportunity to submit proposals for an in-district grant for additional classroom devices.

When and Where

Beginning February 5th, the Digital Learning Collaborative will meet at Hall-Dale Elementary on the first Thursday of each month from 3:30-4:30.

If you are interested in attending (even if you’re not sure the meeting dates will work for you), please submit this form, and one of the integrators will be in touch.

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