Room 216 News

May is nearly here

Sunshine and Smiles

Just wanted to let everyone know that the recent sunshine has found its way into our lives here in Room 216. Smiles abound and friendliness prevails. It is amazing to watch your children cooperate, collaborate, and create. We are busy working on our end of year Momma, Where Are You From? poems that are showcased along the hallways during Moving Up Day. The children are busy trying to find just the right adjective to describe the many memories they have of their lives so far. I have seen tremendous growth in our writers and can't wait to share the final products with you.

Miss Vest is leaving next week

It seems impossible to believe, but Miss Vest has been with us for nearly eight weeks. Her last day in our class is next Wednesday, May 6th. The students have been blessed to have two wonderful student teachers this year. They have had the advantage of having twice as many adults throughout the year to seek assistance from and have nearly doubled their time with a teacher as a result.

Review Rotations start next week

With the arrival of May, we are reminded of our responsibility to share our knowledge with the state through taking Standards of Learning (SOL) tests. Each student is only asked to do their best to capture what they have learned by responding to the questions appropriately. Our content block (12:00 - 12:55) each day will be dedicated to providing targeted review of social studies and science concepts. As you know these tests encompass learning from 4th and 5th grade. To help your child remember the concepts studied previously, please check their review homework each evening. There is a block for you to sign beginning May 4th.

Another way to help prepare for the upcoming Social Studies and Science SOL tests would be for the students to visit: Once on this site to log in choose Brownsville Elementary from the school drop down menu and the password is: bessol

Once logged in students should choose Elementary School and complete the review activities in the Virginia Studies and/or Science grades 4-5. Hopefully the students will enjoy the fun interactive games! If you have any problems logging in please feel free to let me know.

T-Shirts for tye dying

Next week your child will also bring home a request for a t-shirt to tye-dye. These may be gently used, light colored t-shirts with or without a decal. They do not need to be brand new. One of our end of year character rotations is a tye-dye station. This is usually one of the children's favorites! Please send in the shirts as soon as possible. Mrs. Morris needs them by May 22d.

Dates to Remember

Here are the dates for the SOL tests. Please send well rested, healthy children to school on these days. As always, please keep these dates in mind when scheduling appointments. SOL tests begin before 8:30 am and vary in length. They are not timed, so students have as long as needed to SHOW WHAT THEY KNOW.

Social Studies-May 12th

Science-May 19th

Reading-May 21st

Math-May 27th & 28th

You should receive a notice from the school division in reference to the newly announced expedited retake process that starts this year. Please return the form once you have made a decision so that I can keep accurate records.