EC and LD Weekly Update

St. Richard's Episcopal School ~ 22 February 2016

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Student Spotlight

Miss Graber and Mrs. Bacon's students experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity as they were exclusively invited to participate in the dissolution ceremony of the sand mandala with Tibetan monks. The ceremony was requested by the Dalai Lama to promote peace around the world.


1. Online PD Opportunities - Friday, Feb. 26

Several online learning opportunities await us. Please click below to learn more, and let me know if you and others wish to participate by Friday, Feb. 26 . :)

2. PO Box Top Collection and Free Dress Winners - Friday, Feb. 26

Thank you very much for all of your hard work in collecting Box Tops! Congratulations to the following classes that have earned a FREE dress day on Friday, Feb. 26.

  • Mrs. Boerger
  • Mrs. Flannagan & Mrs. Martin
  • Ms. Napier & Mr. Steart
  • Mrs. Bacon & Miss Graber/Mrs. Ammeen
  • Mrs. Rhoades

3. Term 2 Grades and Comments Schedule - Wednesday, March 2

* Last Day to Record Grades for Term 2 - Fri., Feb. 26

* Submit Grades and Comments via Backpack - Wed., Mar. 2

* Kris to Return Comment Corrections/Suggestions to Teachers - Thurs., Mar. 3

* Teachers Enter Final Comments/Updates into Backpack - Thurs., Mar. 3

* Parents View Grades and Comments in Backpack - Fri., Mar. 4

4. Parent Teacher Conferences - Friday, March 11

If you have not already done so, please be sure to send your online sign-up link to parents so that they may reserve conference times with you. Parent Teacher conferences offer great opportunities to deepen your working relationship with our parents and students. As you highlight students' strengths, discuss academic or social concerns and share information about child development, parents see you as an ally and themselves as partners in their child's education. Preplanning for conferences will help you to make the most of these great opportunities. Here are a few tips for successful conferences:

Make an Outline and Gather Materials

A. Offer Conversation Starters (What has 'Gus' enjoyed about school and home recently? What would you like to see 'Gus' accomplish during the last term?)

B. Share Examples of the Student's Work

C. Highlight Strengths

D. Address 1-2 Concerns

E. End on a Positive Note

Be Prepared for Surprises from Parents (Family struggles/illness, concerns about the child's progress from this year or last, etc.)

A. Listen with Empathy

B. Focus on the Child

C. Speak Supportively of Your Current and Former Colleagues

D. Invite Suzann or me to attend if you believe the conference could be a tough one

Have a relaxing weekend!


Kris :)