This week in class....

February 4th - February 8th

Scholastic Book Fair

February 11th - 15th

Winter Break

February 18th - 22nd

Center for Puppetry Arts Field Trip

Tuesday February 26th

Our Class is Publishing a Book!

Information came home today in your child's Panther Report about our class book. Please fill out the form and return it ASAP. You need to return the form even if you are not interested in purchasing a book for your child.

We have been working really hard for the last couple of weeks on completing our book. Each student is writing and illustrating one page in our book.

Our class book is titled.....

There was a first grade teacher who swallowed some glue.

Don't miss out on ordering this keepsake for your child.

Weekly Test

Friday - Spelling Test

Spelling Squares / Spelling Test

Starting today I gave the students a pre-spelling test. I gave them time in class this morning to study their words with a partner. I will start emailing the words home on Friday so they can study the words over the weekend. If your child makes a 100 on the pre-test then they are exempt from having to do spelling squares for the week. If your child misses one word they must write each word three times each for homework and are exempt from spelling squares for the week. If your child misses two or more then he/she must complete the required four spelling squares for the week. ALL STUDENTS WILL TAKE A SPELLING TEST ON FRIDAY! You will find your child's pre-test from today in their backpack.

Do you need help finding an AR book? Click on the following link for support.

Spelling Words

Compound Words














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