Plastic-type bags and films general from the manufacturer "Polymer"

The company "Polymer" has been producing polymer bags and film in excess of 25 years. The key to our own secure good results is actually a group of knowledgeable gifted engineers, managers and leaders. Continuous upgrading from the number of equipment, instruction of workers, use of impressive technologies and researchresearch and development enables the company "Polymer" to get on the list of managers of your Ukrainian market of polymer products. Top rated Ukrainian companies, European companies as well as other famous brands position purchases for packages and films without and with a logo design.
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Present day programmed extruders are installed on the extrusion area. The company's arsenal of equipment is accompanied by a high-overall performance extrusion collection for the production of motion picture. With the help of our specialized features, we have the ability to create offers and films associated with a modification and size.
These are generally biopacks, eco packages (starch), banana packages, T-t-shirt provides, trash packages, packing packs, company logo packs, easy-to-open take care of provides, liner bags, laundry totes, dry inns and cleaners. From the "Merchandise" portion you will get accustomed to the list of well-known goods amongst our customers, and also check with the supervisor and make an order.
To do this, we use uncooked supplies from well-known Western and Ukrainian manufacturers. The film is generated in the latest high-technology equipment, these products obtain specific characteristics with adding stabilizers, dyes and able to degrade chemicals. Thanks to innovative and scientific approaches, our customers receive products according to their technical requirements.
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