PSA: Texas Drought

By: Sonam Sherpa, Alex Suarez, Esteban Garcia, Ajay Dave

Where does our water come from?

Ground water in the form of aquifers (bodies of sediment that hold water) makes up more than half of Texas' water supply. The rest comes from surface water, such as lakes, rivers, and wetlands.
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When is the predicted time we may run out of water?

Several Texas cities have already ran out of water. However, it is estimated that by 2050 there will only be enough water left to sustain a handful of cities. A little after that, we can expect those cities to also run out of water.

How is our daily water usage impacting the local and global ecology?

Our daily water usage may not impact the local ecology much, but it defiantly impacts the global ecology. Around the area if you tried to maintain your water usage to a low level, then it would not make a bug difference. If people around the world maintained it, then changes would be noticed. About 345 billions gallons of water are used in the U.S every day. Most of this is due to irrigation and electric power. Only a small percentage is used by the public. With all this water usage, many animals are dying out. Farmland has degraded due too the water supply level. Over time if this problem isn't fixed, wars will start in order for countries to have a clean water supply.
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Why should Texas water be conserved?

Why should Texas Water be conserved? Well humans use water for everything. We use water to keep our homes running, and to power the electricity we cant function without. The main reason is because Texas economy runs on water for agriculture and industrial uses also.The water we save today can benefit us in the upcoming future. In 2013, it is estimated that most downstream farmers will have no water to use for agriculture. Saving water can help us get food.
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What can the state do? What can each person on and individual basis do?

Individually we can all turn off the water when were not using it to brush our teeth, doing the dishes. Taking a 8 minute shower instead of a 10 minute one. These don't help much in the short term perspective but they can have a bigger impact in the long run.

Now, The State Of Texas i personally thing for the manufacturing side of using fresh water should just use ocean water it should play the same part and there is so much more of it, But at the same time there is not much you can do about the agricultural side of fresh water.