Ferdinand Magellan

By Cleo, Coco and Marissa

Who was Ferdinand Magellan?

  • He was a Portuguese explorer.
  • He was born into a noble family in 1470.
  • He was a page to the royal court when he was younger.
  • He was the first person to have led an expedition that sailed around the earth.

Why did Ferdinand Magellan need a new route to the spice islands?

The world had been divided into two halves. The Spanish owned the west and the Portuguese owned the east side of the world. So when ferdinand proposed the idea to the spanish they thought that if they found a western route to the Spice Islands they could claim the Islands to be there own. Later Ferdinand Magellan left Spain on 20th of September 1519 with a fleet of five ships, these were called the Trinidad, The San Antonia, The Conception, The Victoria, The Santiago. He left to find a western route to the spice islands. Magellan sadly did not complete this journey because he died in the battle with native soldiers on April the 17, 1521.

By Cleo, Coco And Marrisa

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