A Dog Like No Other

marley a dog like no other

Who is the author! Jhon Grogan

Who is the publisher! Harper Collins

What is the story about It is about a golden labrodore who was adopted when he was a few weeks old and he was named marley he got a bit old and got put down.

who are the main characters Marley,john,jenny,patrick,colleen and connor

What problems or challenges do these characters face, john, jenny and the kids had faced many difficult chalenges like chewing jennys neckelace always barking and wakeing up the babys when thay had just fallen asleep and always running away when they went for walks.


what is the climax of the story , when things get the most problematic or exciting?

The most problematic was when Marley got really sick and had to get put down. The most exciting part of the book was when he had to teach Marley how to be good a few times.

were there any shocks, twists, turns, or surprises?

When marley got sick his belly had swelled and bersted open his hips were sore and he would always sleep and then john took Marley to the vet and he got put down.

can you tell us what happend at the end?

Marley had got put down and left in the shead for a couple of days and then got burried.Then they where looking trough the newspapper and found a dog named lucky and had the same persanaliteal.

what was your favouite part in this book?

When they first got marley and it was raining that night and marley was trying to jump out and he was seared of the thunder and lighting and he was barking at it.

Did you learn anything new from this story?

yes dogs get old and die because they don"t last forever.