Find Thirty

A workplace government initiative

The role of Government health organisations

State and Federal Governments
Play a significant role in the promotion of physical activity. They provide funding to organisations such as VicHealth and the Heart Foundation, which in turn support governments in the promotion of physical activity at a state and national level.

Description of the 'Find Thirty' initiative program

The new Find Thirty every day campaign aims to increase the number of adults in Tasmania who are sufficiently active for good health. For a range of health benefits, The campaign recommends you aim to put together at least thirty minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on most, or better still, all days. Your thirty minutes can be built up in shorter sessions of at least 10 minutes. They say that its just as beneficial, and might be easier to fit into your day.

Target group & setting

The primary target audience is Tasmanians aged 18 years and over who are inactive or insufficiently active for good health and in a workplace setting . The second target audience is all tasmanians aged 18 years and over in a work place setting.

Does this program employ the social ecological model?

This program has definitely employed the social ecological model as it targets multiple levels of influence from the individual to public policy. This program targets multiple levels of influence, from the individual to the social environment to the physical environment and to public policies.

Individual or Population-based strategy

This initiative is a population based strategy as it encourages people from all over Australia to be sufficiently active for good health. "Just 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on most days of the week is all you need."

What the program considers

This intervention program tailors for only individuals within its target group (adults) as the NPAG (National Physical Australian Guidelines) is 30 minutes of physical activity for adults on most days of the week. This program is not suitable for children and young people as these individuals need to be doing at least 60 minutes (and up to several hours) of moderate to vigorous activity every day and they should not spend more than two hours each day on electronic media whereas adults in the workplace are allowed as they are most likely to be sitting in front of a computer doing an office job. The program does not remove impairments to activity, instead this intervention encourages people that may have weaknesses to just do as much physical activity as they can. The program aims to encourage good health. It is not a program to discourage people from doing physical activity. Find Thirty is always introducing new resources and facilities to make it enjoyable for each and every individual. They also support environmental change with education programs.