For the Week of December 7 -11

Brainstorming and Reviewing Using the Carousel Strategy

Carousel Brainstorming (also known as Rotating Review) provides scaffolding for new information to be learned or existing information to be reviewed through movement, conversation, and reflection. According to Project CRISS, Carousel Brainstorming is a cooperative learning activity that can be used both to discover and discuss background knowledge prior to studying a new topic, as well as for review of content already learned.

This technique allows for small group discussion, followed by whole-class reflection.

While taking part in Carousel Brainstorming, small groups of students rotate around the classroom, stopping at various “stations” for a designated period of time (usually 1-2 minutes).

At each station, students activate their prior knowledge of a topic or concept and share their ideas with their small group. Each group posts their ideas at each station for all groups to read.




6th grade ELA

**Assessments for Unit 3: bring Common assessment & Learning checks

**Date of On Demand Practice?

**Language practice through Bell work

8th grade ELA

**I have one learning check that is complete. Is there another that we need to review?

**Learning check & Common assessment for Unit 4 needs to be complete by Christmas break

**Pacing of Unit 4 to ensure grades for 3rd nine weeks

7th grade ELA

**We will not meet on Tuesday---I have another meeting that I must attend

**CA4 data is ready to review...Please meet and discuss the data (Let me know what plans of any reteaching needed)

**Assessments for Unit 6 needs to be complete by Christmas break



6th grade Math

**Bring all material needed to developing pacing for the remaining units. (Eureka, syllabus, and etc.)

**CA3 data(Fractions)

**Discuss next unit (CA6)

8th grade Math

**Unit after Christmas???

**Need to review those learning checks and Common assessments

**CA4 data

7th grade Math (Wednesday)

**review CA4 and create answer key

**Bring syllabus and standards/flip book to start looking at next unit (Proportional relationships)

Science PLCs

8th grade science

**We will not meet this week

7th grade science

**Review CA2 data

**Assessment for Unit 3 ready????

6th grade science

**Assessments for unit 5 needs to be reviewed

**Review CA3 data

Social Studies PLCs

8th grade Social studies

**Tuesday meeting

**Review CA4 data

**Is CA5 ready?

7th grade Social Studies

** Wednesday meeting

**Review CA2 data

**Has CA3 been reviewed? If not, bring copies.

**Pacing for after Christmas

6th grade Social Studies

**Thursday meeting

**Review CA3 data

**CA4, when?

**Has CA5 been reviewed? If not, bring copies.

Remember: We need to look at common assessment prior to unit beginning.

INFLATABLES Friday December 11

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