Ex Libris

Books to buy, Books to borrow

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A quaint small town bookshop - Offering gently used and vintage books and books by local authors

The perfect place to find a book to buy or a book to borrow. Also available is a copy/fax service.

May 1st - October 15th

Open Daily 10 am-5 pm

October 16th - April 30th

Open Saturday 11 am-3 pm, Sunday 12 noon-3 pm

Spend some time in our store

Proceeds support the establishment of a reading/resource center on the Marblehead Peninsula.

Ex Libris Bookshop has been staffed for more than 10 years by volunteers and is sponsored by the Marblehead Peninsula Library Committee, a non-profit corporation.

Ex Libris

*Book donations accepted and appreciated - everything we sell has been donated by the community