SMART Extreme Collaboration

By Bobby Brian Lewis

Extreme Collaboration

Notebook 11 allows you to utilize add-ons. So far there are two add-ons the Activity Builder and Extreme Collaboration are found in the puzzle piece tab. Extreme Collaboration allows students to interact with the SMART board using their Internet-enabled devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, and/or computers.

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Before the lesson we had a blank page and after the lesson we got this.

How can it be used?

Simple options

Find out what your students know about a topic-Teach what they don't know!

Brainstorming- Create a topic students respond with ideas on SMART board.

Question and answer- Post a question students respond with answers

Solve the math problem ( screen shade might be used to hide answers)

List capital of Alaska

Name countries in South America then open notebook file map of South America

List verbs in a paragraph

Read this poem- What was said? What is main topic? etc.

What did you learn today in class?

Exit ticket

Students respond with answer and you create a graph with their information.

Stack same answer on topic to create a graph.

Advanced options

Gaming- Post a question and the student that answers first is the winner

Grouping students in teams or sharing devices, team scores added together

Posting work- students can also post work examples( My students created power points and then posted to smart board this made sharing easier for me)

Sharing- At the end of the nine weeks students could share their favorite project.

Design- Tell students to post a sentence with noun, verb, and adverb. Now you got some student create problems to work with.

Design- Post an area question -24 inches squared- Draw this and post to board. Think of the different examples -Does it have to be a rectangle? What is the perimeter of each shape. How many different answers?

Create- Students draw a right triangle and post with extreme collaboration.

Create- Students create a picture using paint( use snipping tool) and then share

Screen shade could be used to add a secret touch to the sharing.

This video shows extreme collaboration being used in a class.

Extreme Collaboration - Video 3 of 3 (Student Collaboration)