Cougar Connection

Issue 27 Volume 2

Weekly Message

Week of April 12th

Batter up! Next up to bat we have the Kinder students with their teachers as their coaches on the sidelines! New tests but same game. Our students are ready to go. 1-2-3! Moseley!

1st-2nd grade have one more week to get the finishing touches on their master pieces.

3rd-5th grade teachers and all appointed teachers and support have 4 weeks to ensure our students are ready.

As we begin to wrap up the last weeks of school please remember to keep yourself organized. We enter the last week of this six weeks, grades, honor roll and perfect attendance will all be due. So please pace yourselves to ensure you are on top of the game.

Wrapping up the school year is also amongst our reach.

Soon we will be:

  • Setting up next year's classes and sections
  • Creating supply list for next year
  • lpac folder updates
  • cum folders updates
  • parent meetings for those being retained... etc..

Hang in there! We are almost there!

Week at a Glance

Week of April 12th


No classes

04/12-Tuesday- Student Surveys for 3rd- 5th


11:45-ARD Matallana


3:20- Tutoring


3:20- Tutoring



Lesson Plan Collaboration

3:20- Friday Night Lights

Updated Summer School Info!

April 4th- If you are interested in working summer school please fill out an application with the link that was sent to you from the district. Please know that there are limited spots for these summer positions. I will let you know by the 1st week of May who will be working.

Wanted to give you info that was shared with me at my last Principal's meeting.

2015-2016 summer school will look a little different this summer.

There will be three types of summer school.

1) k-5 students needing remediation to pass to the next grade level.

a) Where- Moseley

b) 8 days long

c) Monday- Thursday

d) $31 an hour

2) SSI- 5th grade students needing to pass the STAAR Reading/Math test

a) Where- Moseley

b) 10 days long approx.

c) Monday- Thursday

d) $31 an hour

3) Achievers summer school- Targeted for interested student admitted by lottery only

a) Burleson Elementary

b) Length 20 days

c) AC Interns and Teach For American Interns will be the ones teaching this summer school

I wanted to give you this info just in case you were counting or planning on working summer school. I don't know what our Allocations will be for either, however if you are interested please let me know.

Professional Learning Information

Catalog are ready to be viewed!

The 2016 P2LD Summer Catalog is available to view on the new PD website.

Go to and then to department tab next hit Professional Development and the catalog will be there.

Registration will be open May 6th on Schoolnet

Locations for PL will be at Yvonne A. Ewell Townview HS and A. Maceo Smith New Tech HS (as well as others)

Dates: June 20-23 July 18-21 July 25- 28