We Need a Name!

Be creative and help us name the new TIGS learning environment

Out with the Old and In with the New

We are ushering in a new era of online learning at TIGS.

"Narradan" is retiring....a new, more interactive and engaging tool is taking its place.

We need your help to come up with an inspirational name. One that evokes learning, creating, sharing, growing and collaborating together. It could be an acronym e.g. Evie (Educational Virtual Interactive Environment) or just a clever word or name.

Use your imagination, be creative and surprise us!

To help you along, here's some more info about our new portal. It's

  1. an online destination for students, teachers and parents to share the learning that's happening at TIGS.
  2. available 24 hours
  3. a closed environment just for the TIGS community to access
  4. social and interactive

Use the form below to send us your suggestion(s).

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