Teacher Laptop Replacement

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This winter, teachers will be receiving new laptop computers to replace their existing white MacBooks. Teachers will receive 13 inch MacBook Air laptop computers.

*Information from the technology office is forthcoming and should include details such as: delivery dates, impacted staff, any changes to the plan and so on. As we have been informed, this plan pertains to teachers only.

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What Should I do to Prepare?

To make this transition as seamless as possible, there are a few things you can do in advance.

Getting Started

***NOTE: YOU SHOULD COMPLETE THESE TASKS SOMETIME DURING THE WEEK PRIOR YOUR NEW LAPTOP BEING DELIVERED, IF POSSIBLE. Of course, any files you create and DO NOT back up will not be transferred to your new laptop.

*As a general rule, it's always good to back up your files. Feel free to back up your files multiple times. You can never back up too much!

You will be notified of your laptop delivery date when that information has been shared.

Task 1--Export Your Web Bookmarks

Click here for brief instructions on exporting your bookmarks.

*You can also use this link to aid you in importing your bookmarks to your new laptop.

Importing and Exporting Your Web Bookmarks

*Directions provided for Firefox, Chrome and Safari web browsers.

Task 2: Copy Your Files To Your Network Folder

Click here for brief instructions on transferring your files from your old laptop to your network folder.

*You can also use this link to aid you in importing your files onto your new laptop.

Copying Files to Your Network Folder

A Note About Your Network Folder

When you log in on your HCPSS laptop, you should be automatically connected to your network folder. This means that if you place files in this folder on one HCPSS computer and log in with another HCPSS computer, those files will be accessible on the second computer.

Your network folder should appear on the right side of your dock, near the trash can and Hand-In/Hand-Out folders.

Handy Hint!
If you don't see your network folder in the dock, try logging out and logging back in to your computer while at school.
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What If I Need Help?

If you need help exporting your web bookmarks, organizing your files and, you can fill out the Google Form (link below):

Laptop Replacement Help Form

(Thanks to Mike Glennon, HCPSS Tech Teacher, who shared his template and fliers with us for distribution. )