Your Blessed Birth

Today, March 13th, 1995, was one of the most amazing days for both your father and I. On this day we welcomed a beautiful bundle of joy to our family, and we completed a beautiful triangle for three. When you were born you weighed in at 5 lbs, 9oz, and you measured 19 inches in length. As soon as we saw your beautiful face our hearts melted, because you were a perfect mixed of daddy and I! None of your grandparents could be there for your birth, but luckily daddy snapped a million pictures to email to them!

9 Months Old

You are now 9 months old and boy have we been blessed. You are one of the friendliest and calmest baby that we have ever met! You have a regular night time routine in which you sleep for six to eight hours, and during the day you take a nap at noon. You eat very well, but lately you've been eating more often so daddy and I are thinking of starting you on solid foods, we are thinking of sweet potatoes. I love you so much! Everyone who meets you is taken back at how sweet and friendly you are. You are such a people person, you definitely get that from me, your daddy is very shy.

Family Love

We will be your rock, your strength, and your love whenever you need us to be. We love you Nolan.