What happened to goodbye

Sarah Dessen

Do you know Sarah Dessen?

Sarah was born in 1970, in Illinois, but only really remembers living in Chapel Hill, NC. She has always loved reading and writing. Sarah attended college at UNC, where she studied creative writing. Her mom was a classicist and her dad was a Shakespeare. Both Sarah's parents were professors at the University in North Carolina.


"Everyone, at some point in their lives, wants to change something about themselves: whether it's to be just a little smarter, to be slightly more attractive, to be a tad funnier"

~Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Sarah Dessen is something of a rock star in young adult fiction. Her bestselling coming-of-age novels are warmly written exploration of teens in transition that are, by questioning, humorous and hopeful."


In this book by Sarah Dessen, What happened to goodbye. It takes place in Florida. Mclean and her father are on the move after her parents divorce. This time is during the summer/ school year Mclean is a senior in High school. She only makes a couple of friends every place Mclean movies.
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