Save a Raptor

A Think-Like-an-Artist Maker Project

Natural Threats to Birds of Prey

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Human Threats to Birds of Prey

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What Can You Do?

  • Read books, newspaper articles, magazines
  • Watch television programs about nature
  • Take the time to study the animals that live in your neighborhood
  • Create wildlife habitats in your backyard (e.g. birdhouse, birdbath)
  • Encourage parents to limit their use of pesticides
  • Create a nature or ecology club in your school
  • Recycle and reduce your use of consumptive (use that may directly kill or impact wildlife) goods
  • Share what you know with your families and friends; quite often people are simply not aware of the problems raptors face
  • Write letters to important people, including government leaders (congressional representatives, mayor, council persons, president, etc.) in your town, state, and country expressing your concern and interest in wildlife conservation and preservation; government leaders are often influenced by the opinions you express on such issues and your opinions often impact greatly their decisions as to whether actions and/or laws get implemented or not
  • Offer your support to organizations, federal (e.g. BLM) and non-federal (e.g. Peregrine Fund), and facilities that protect raptors nationally and internationally; humans are often unaware of such groups' ability and effectiveness in making the world safer for wildlife
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