Lead Team Update

September 21, 2018

Office of Special Education & Federal Services- Chief of Special Education and Federal Programs, Ruby Batiste

Clarification regarding required participation for Section 504 MDR meetings:

  • Local policy does not require Educational Diagnosticians or LSSP to attend 504 MDR meetings; however, Office of Civil Rights complaints warrant additional support to help the committee establish if there is a link to the disability. The purpose of the Educational Diagnostician/LSSP is to serve as the disability expert regarding manifestation of the disability.
  • The intent of attendance is for repeat offense situations only. Attendance is not expected at "all" 504 MDR meetings, rather for those students with repeat violations warranting disciplinary change of placements and the disability is related to ADHD, learning, or psychological concerns.
  • SPED staff is not responsible for scheduling or facilitating any 504 MDR meeting. SPED staff's role is attendance only to provide feedback related to the manifestation of the student's disability.

Please contact our office with any questions or concerns & have a wonderful weekend!

Office of School Leadership-Deputy Superintendent of School Leadership, Connie Isabel

I am happy to say that we have full district participation in our inaugural Hispanic Heritage Bowl! Thank you for your time and effort in building teams of students to participate, and continue to encourage them as they prepare for the October 20, 2018 event.

Office of Student Services: Coordinator of Stakeholder Involvement, Betty Lewis

Just wanted to remind you all of the All Pro Dad Event:

September 24 is All Pro Dads Day Draft (6 pm – 8 pm) @ Bill R. Johnson CTE Center in the Rotunda/Library

Each school drafts a dad to be its team captain and this event celebrates the team captain’s leadership.

Every school is invited to participate.

Principals there will be a table tent available with your campus name. Please consider wearing your Game Changer or Million Father March t-shirts.

Look forward to seeing you all at the draft. Be well!

Office of School Leadership- Penny Hicks

T-TESS Perform

Happy Friday Principals! The "School Leadership" process you see in Perform is the there for the campus walkthrough forms being conducted by School Leadership. Please do not delete this process. You as the campus leaders will be able to see walkthroughs that are being conducted by School Leadership within that process.

As always see me as a resource for any questions or concerns.

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