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At PK8, we value Trustworthiness

In our school mottos "SOARING with PRIDE & HEART", SOARING stands for: Safety, Order, Achievement, Respect, Individuality, Neighborly, Growth. These are all incorporated into our school mission statement.

HEART & PRIDE are our school values.

The 'T' in HEART in our school motto stands for TRUSTWORTHINESS.

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SNOW Much Fun!

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Stinky Clothes

Reminder: Please pull have your child take out their wet snow clothes from their backpacks!

Kids Staying for Games

If your child is staying for an afterschool basketball game, activity, event then he/she needs to remain in that location at all times (i.e. the bleachers, activity room, etc.) unless an adult is present at school. Please remind your child of the locations that he/she can be. Thank you!

Family Academic Support Night

We would like to host a family academic support night.

Please let us know any component of school that you would like to receive more information/training on. Some of our ideas are a PowerSchool info session, homework strategies, literacy, IXL info session, etc. We would like to hear from you about what you would like. We would provide a light dinner and child care at the evening event!

Please submit your ideas/requests here: Family Academy Support Night Ideas/Requests

Getting an hour of IXL math practice completed each week is easy!


How time per week is calculated:

The time count starts on Saturday and runs through Friday morning. If students start on Saturday, it is only 10 minutes per day of work. If they wait until Monday to start, it is 15 minutes a day. If they’re not done by Friday morning, teachers work with them during our plan time to make sure they finish.


Our volunteer crossing guards will not be at the crossing area for the next few weeks. Please be mindful of this if your child walks or bikes to school or home.

Breakfast & Lunch at School

Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu

Free/Reduced Lunch Application (This information is confidential and not accessible by any PK8 school staff.)


Amelia Baldwin, Principal