By: Emmali Zimmerman

Physical Health

Basketball benefits anyone's physical health in many different ways. Basketball builds endurance throughout the body which increases the amount someone is able to do something. This sport improves balance and coordination, so while doing another physical activity, you are more likely to do that activity correctly and you won't fall over. Basketball builds muscle. Weightlifting during the basketball season improves one's physical health. Another thing that basketball does to improve a person's physical health is that it burns calories. By running and moving for such a long amount of time benefits a person's health.

Mental/Emotional Health

Just by playing basketball you mentally feel better because it releases endorphin's in your brain. It helps you sleep better because after playing and moving around so much, you get tired which this makes you sleep better so you feel better the next day. If someone is stressed, just shooting hoops or doing drills can help release stress therefore making your mental and emotional health better. Another way basketball improves someone's mental and emotional health is by increasing your free throw percentage or making three point shots. These give you a good feeling inside to make you feel all around good.

Social Health

Basketball is a game of communication. By playing you make new friends and have new teammates. Even if you don't become very close friends with your teammates, just knowing their personalities has an affect on you off the court. If you meet someone who seems like one of them, you know how to interact with that person. You can relate better with people who may have difficult personalities if someone on your team was that way. Basketball gives someone confidence about themselves even if they don't win or do great, it can help show you what you need to improve on individually. Lastly, if you play basketball, other people may start to notice you, especially if you're very good. This way you meet new people and gain new friends.
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Intellectual Health

Basketball is a game of skill. It gets the mind thinking and figuring out what to do next. It causes the brain to really think hard and make decisions, often times, very quickly. Basketball improves one's intellectual health because it makes someone process what is happening on the court very quickly. Basketball is a great deal of attentional control which is the ability to to direct your focus in a desired direction. In this sport you have to train yourself to constantly observe your teammates and opponents to figure out what course of action to take. By making quick and appropriate decisions on the court, can benefit you for your future to help you make these kinds of decisions.
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