The Life Of Vasco Da Gama

Vasco Da Gama was Portuguse explorer


Vasco Da Gama Was a Portuguse explorer. He led the first expedition that traveled from Europe to India. They stopped trading with other people.

Early Life

Vasco Da Gama was born at Sines, Portugal he was born in 1460 he lived at a small coastal town. His father was a knight and an explorer. He followed his father's footsteps and soon commanded ships in the Kings name

Reasons For Exploration

Vasco Da Gama worked for King Portugal. He went to the Eastern to explorer.


Vasco Da Gama used spices Vasco Da Gama went to the Eastern to try to find spices and to trade with people.


Vasco Da Gama died in December 23 1524 he died at Castillo de la cuasta, Castile Spain.
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Tuesday, Dec. 23rd 1524 at 12pm

32 Calle de los Artistas

Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid

Vasco Da Gama died December 23. 1524