Ride these waves!

About tsunamis

A tsunami is a gigantic wave that does a extreme amount of damage. Its formed when there is a underwater earthquake, landslide, or a giant meteor impact on earth. These waves do extreme damage to where ever they hit they cause thousands of deaths and extensive destruction.

How this affects humans.

These waves have extreme power and drown most people who are in the way. They also knock over houses and building.

What region do tsunamis effect most?

Obviously places with oceans gets tsunamis the most, but they happen most commonly on the pacific ocean. Countries like, Chile, Philippines, and Japan

How is the destructive nature of your geohazard measured?

Tsunamis are measured with a recorder that sits 5,000. It measures pressure in water, and changes in patterns.

Tsunamis that have happened.

The latest tsunami happened in Chile 4 men and one women died, many were injured. The most devastating tsunami ever happened in 2004 in the Indian ocean an estimated 280,000 people died that day.

Ways to protect yourself from a tsunami.

Tsunamis are pretty random things but there are ways you can protect yourself.

1- Know the signs of a tsunami, some signs are, a loud ocean roar which may sound like a plane, strong shaking from a earthquake and fluctuations in the sea.

2- If you see signs evacuate immediately.

3- if caught in a tsunami get to the highest ground possible.