Michael 2013

term 1 & 2

My music video

In term 1 evrey one had to make a music video. I used the ipads only song. We all had to have a dancer a costum creator and a efects person.

Up coming events

Some of the up coming events iam looking forward to is... The state Aussie rules carnival. I made it in year 5 and was realy exitedand it was a good to do it last year and i learned alot by my goal this year is to go to nationals. In term three i have the opportunity to go to state cricket have made the riverina squad of 22. that 22 was picked out of 117 that was a big accomplishment for me. Another thing i'm looking froward to is writing camp. Evrey year the boy and girls get split up for writing camp evreyone writes a story and then pick the best 4 to become the four story the boys or girls will use. My favourite part is that we can go abit crazy. Also my athletics carnival is tmorrow.

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