Stop Uniforms!

Why should uniforms be stopped?

Uniforms shouldn't be required in any school, it should be your choice in order to wear, you have the right to wear what you want not what other tells you. We should wear what we want , cause what wear is what our style, everyone has the own way of dressing there unique way , and if we have uniforms then we cant see how unique they are, plus lots of teenagers love to dress up they enjoy buying new different cloths for school that's the most reason why teens buy cloths is for school so they can buy something nice, and new to wear and to also to show it off. Having no dress code is better for people ,and plus lots of people love to dress the way they want to , and everyone should the right to, plus i bet everyone gets tired of wearing the same thing everyday and there's no color no unique no styles to your character when people look at you, when people look at you want them to look at you a different way not just the same thing when you look around all you see is the same people style there no style or fun in anything if uniforms are around so that's why we should get ride of them, cause everyone would like that and its better ,and most people would most likely agree guaranteed!!