Ripon Cathedral School Update

Week ending Friday 10th May 2019

Spring Showers

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Hackfall Woods

On Tuesday the Reception children visited Hackfall Woods for their postponed spring visit. The weather was certainly more like spring than summer, although we're not sure if the staff would describe the steady downpour as 'spring showers'! The hot chocolate that was taken along in flasks looks like it was really welcome after a splashy walk through the woods.
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Thank you mrs Dean

Mrs Dean has been a fabulous asset to our school supporting children in Year 1. She has a new job and we are very excited for her, but also sad to say goodbye! All the best Mrs Dean!
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Hot Chocolate with the Headteacher

We have all achieved our reading leader awards, by reading a poem in front of the whole school, reading a book to a member of our family, reading daily for six weeks and writing a book review to be published.

One of our rewards was to have hot chocolate with the headteacher. We had lots of cream and oodles of marshmallows. We really enjoyed it and would recommend that everyone should try and become a reading leader.

By Eva and Oliver in Year 2

Reading Leaders!

More and more children are achieving their reading goals, with another two book reviews today by our new Reading Leaders.

Book Reviews

'Tom Gates: What Monster' by Liz Pichon

This book is about a boy called Tom Gates, his friend Derek and an annoying class mate called Marcus. They have to put on a school play which is 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. Tom gets really excited because he loves the story and wants to be the main character. Later he gets the part of a monster, but he is still happy.

Marcus says, "Don't worry Tom, you are not good enough to be Jack but I am." However, Marcus later finds out he has got the part of the beanstalk! Tom tries not to but ends up doing a small laugh. Thankfully Marcus doesn't hear him.

When they show the parents the play, the parents all laugh so hard at Tom because at the end he gets to sneak behind the characters and the parents shout, "Behind You!" and Tom gets to chase other children.

I'd give this book a 10/10 because it has some funny parts and mystery. I recommend it because it brings the reader lots of laughter and happiness!

Owen Year 4

'The Lottie Project' by Jacqueline Wilson

The book I’m reviewing is called the Lottie Project. It’s about a girl called Charlie and her mum, who is still at school when she has her! Her mum finds somebody she likes (as a friend) but Charlie takes it the wrong way and falls out with her, but mysteriously a boy goes missing! Charlie goes into a new class and they have to do a project about the Victorians, and she decides to do a diary…. I really like this book because I love reading about Victorians and their lives. I’d recommend this book to any one who likes adventures a little bit of love and drama. I bought this book thinking it would be like Hetty Feather, (my favourite JW book) but when I started reading it, I found it was totally different. The epic black and white illustrations are by Nick Sharratt and they really help you imagine some of the characters.

Zoe Year 4

Oscar's Holiday Dates

We had a great time at the holiday club in the Easter break, so it is with apologies that we have not yet published dates for the summer holidays. We are hoping to run the club in the last two weeks, Tuesday to Thursday, although we still need to finalise this with the PFI company who manage the school site. Unlike schools in NYCC sites, we do not have full (or free!) access to school in the holidays, which can make running the holiday club more challenging. We do not plan to have any holiday club dates in the May half term break.

Attendance and Holidays

Children are required to attend school for 190 days each year. We are constantly striving to provide your child with the best possible opportunities for academic and personal success. With this in mind, attendance and punctuality are qualities which all schools, colleges, universities and employers value highly. We also value your support in maximising potential by ensuring that children attend school every day and on time.

Taking a pupil on leave during term time, and regular absence, interrupt teaching and learning and can be very disruptive to a child’s progress. Any applications for leave in term time must be made in advance and can only be authorised in exceptional circumstances. This may include: where parents cannot get leave at any other time due to their work (evidence must be provided from the employer) or where a family is in crisis. Authorisation cannot be given in relation to costs.

Please be aware that Persistent Absenteeism (PA) is defined as a pupil who has an attendance percentage below 90%. This is a government figure. The PA figures and associated actions taken by the school are a focus of Ofsted inspections, therefore we are expected to notify you wherever attendance drops beneath the 90% threshold.

Of course, children are from time to time genuinely too ill to attend school. This will be more than a mild or slight cough or cold. School has no desire for genuinely ill children to be in school. Parents and carers are expected to make daily contact with school throughout the whole period of absence. If contact has not been made, school will contact parents every day of the absence to check on the welfare of the children and offer relevant support to families.

Our aim, as a school, is to have an average attendance figure above 97%, which would put us in the top 20% of schools nationally (equivalent to only 5 days of absence per child). Your help in ensuring that your children are at school and ready to learn is very much appreciated. If you want more information, policies and applications for leave can be accessed via the school’s website.

Dates for your diary......

Monday 13th - Thursday 16th May - SATs week

Monday 20th May - Y5 visit 'Big Write' workshops

Wednesday 22nd May - Duck Race 5pm Fishergreen

Friday 24th May - Break up for half term, 3.10 / 3.15pm

Tuesday 4th June - Y2 visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Wednesday 5th June - Y1 visit Harlow Carr

Saturday 22nd June - Friends' Summer Fair

Monday 24th June - Y6 visit Bewerley Park

Tuesday 2nd July - Y5/6 Sex Education Meeting for parents 6pm

Tuesday 16th July - School Production, 6.30pm

Wednesday 17th July - School Production, 1.30/6.30pm

Friday 19th July - Break up for Summer holidays, 2pm

Message from the Friends

Thank you to everyone who supported the book fair this week. We will be able to let you know the commission raised in the next Update.

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Duck Race: This annual event is always a fun family affair and this year happens on Wednesday 22nd May at 5pm in the usual venue (follow the crowds to the Skell if you haven't been before!). Ducks will be on sale in a week's time after school for a few days, although we suggest an early purchase so you can guarantee a duck and pick your favourite number!

Summer Fair: Saturday 22nd June will be our summer fair. A fantastic family event open to the whole community: Bar, BBQ and bouncy castle plus many more stalls. Details nearer the time. As well as sponsorship from Hambleton Roofing, we have gained further generous support from local fireworks' company 'Bright Star Fireworks', which is amazing - thank you!

That's all for now, but if you have any ideas for future events or you want to help us out, please let us know - email or send us a facebook message Thank you.

Community Events

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