Convergent Continental Oceanic

Kyle petry Period 8

what type of boundary does this location represent ?

convergent continental oceanic plate boundary

what crustal feature occurs at this boundary ?

trenches and volcanic mountains occur at this plate boundary.

have people had to make adjustments to the way structures are built,or the areas where they can be built ?

yes with extra supports and dampers to help cut down on damage and loss during an earthquake or volcanic eruption.

have people been harmed by living in this area ?

yes people have been harmed because the area ls near volcanic mountains that erupt every once and while and earthquake activity that is low above the continent and high below the continent.

rewind one million years would this boundary and crustal feature have looked?

the volcanic mountains and trenches would have been smaller than they are today.

fast forward one million would this boundary and the crustal feature change over time?

the trenches would be bigger and the volcanic mountains would be taller than they are today.