Darwin Postulates

An explanation of Darwin's 4 main postulates on evolution

4 Main Postulates of Evolution by Darwin

Extinction - Not all traits are suited to survive, some will die out because of natural selection.

Differential Survival - External conditions can affect survival

Inheritance - Parents and their offspring look alike.

Variation - Within a species, there is a lot of variety.


Selon Darwin, variation is essential for survival, without variation, a species will not be able to have a competitive advantage towards the other species that are out there.
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After some time, there commences to be a struggle for existence. If one wants to continue living, it will have to fight, if it is not able to do so sufficiently, a species will get extinct with time.
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Differential Survival

The traits that are fittest for survival increase their frequency in each organism, those species that do not develop the traits necessary will slowly die out.
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All organisms inherit traits from their parents. That is why the majority of times, a mother and her offspring will look alike. In evolution, the inheritance is done through a selective process that occurs in order for the survival of the organism.
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By: Paulina Lozano