Geothermal Energy

Rylee F. Mitchell S. Riley S. Nicole O.

About Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is taken from the inner layers of the earth. To make this type of energy is very expensive because making it requires making a power plant to get steam from deep under the Earth. Geothermal plantations can run out of steam due to the changing of temperatures. Not a lot of people use this energy source because they can only make plantations where geological features are found easily. How we use it is we use the heat and steam from the Earth to turns a turbine that spins a generator to generate electricity that we can use.



1. Its safe.

2. Its clean

3. Its reliable

4. Its simple

5. Its environment friendly

6. Its renewable

7. Saves fossil fuels

8. Direct use and can be used to heat things.


1. Not widespread source of energy

2. High cost

3. Can run out of steam

4. Transportation

5. The longevity of the locations

6. proper locations are hard to find and sometimes they run out of steam.

7. They have a low number of suitable locations for a power plants.

8. Can only be used to generate electricity in surrounding areas.
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