Hitler's Secret

By William Osborne. Book Report by Kyle Ott.

Otto and Leni are two innocent kids, from completely different backgrounds.

During the time of Nazi Germany, Otto and Leni are given specific instructions from a British leader, Admiral MacPherson. The instructions include going to Germany, and sneaking off to an island to help a little girl escape. The girl's name is Angelika, and what Otto and Leni do not know is that she is Hitler's daughter.

Otto and Leni are just teenagers and know that they have a huge responsibility. They sneak out to the island, and get the girl. Angelika trusts them quickly and they are to be disguised as siblings. They take many trains, and run into many suspicious Germans, who they have to escape from. Their goal is to get to the Switzerland border, but they are under hot pursuit by some of the Nazis best generals.

As Otto, Leni, and Angelika hide out in a barn just miles from the border, opposing troops arrive. Leni and Angelika flee into the forest, while Otto stays to try and buy some time. Otto continually shoots down below with a machine gun, until the primary general, Heydrich, captures him. He interrogates Otto to the extremes, when Leni breaks in to save the day.

If you want to find out what happens, you will have to read the book!

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Additional Information

Hitler's Secret is realistic fiction and is written in third-person point of view. The theme of the book is friendship as Leni, Angelika, and Otto saved each other's lives numerous times. Another theme is trust as they had to trust each other to get out of tough situations.


What I enjoyed about the book.

I enjoyed the action of the book. After Otto and Leni help Angelika escape, every moment feels like it could be the climax of the story due to all of the action that takes place. I also enjoyed how it was a fictional story that took place during a real historical event or time.

Was the ending satisfactory?

The ending was primarily satisfactory. There were many things that were resolved, but other conflicts and details were left unresolved. It was also satisfactory to see what happened to Otto and Leni, but I wish that the story would've ended differently for Angelika.

About the author.

William Osborne went to Cambridge University, became a lawyer, and then switched to screenwriting and also became an author. He currently lives in Norfolk, England.