Steps Jacob used

Genesis 32-33:11

Step 1: Identify the source of the conflict

Gen. 32:11 Jacob prayed to God and said save me I'm afraid Esau will come and kill me ,my wives, and my children.

Step 2:Looked beyond the incident

Gen. 33:4 The brothers hugged and cried after Esau ran to Jacob.

Step 3: Request solutions-Jacob asked God for help

Gen.32:11-16 Jacob went to be a lone and askd God to protect him from his brother. He spent the night there and selected gifts for his brother. He sent goats,sheep,camels,and donkey's.

Step 4: Identify solutions both disputants can support.

Gen.33:10 Jacob want to give Esau a gift but he wouldn't accept it.
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Step 5: Their Agreement

Gen. 33:11 Jacob begged Esau to take the gift and said that God has been good to him, so he needed Esau to take it. Esau took the agreed and took the gift.
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