Kaitlyn Moran For President

Running against Omar Ibrahim

Kaitlyn Moran

Doctor, Lawyer, Environmentalist, Governor.

Kaitlyn Moran is the candidate that represents Growth, innovation, and the Future, promoting less taxes for the common man, better eliminatioin of the National debt, and healthcare for everyone. Already over three-fourths of the country is in support of Moran and that rate is steadily rising. Even Ellen Degenerous is in support of Moran and her vision for the United States. "I think Kaitlyn Moran is the future of the United States, and is the best president for our country" she says. Mr. Ibrahim has been shown kicking puppies and burning down trees, obviously showing no compassion or enviornmental awareness. Do we want someone who will waste our resources and show no emotion towards our nation as President, is this who we want to corrupt the future of America? Vote for Kaitlyn Moran and make the United States a better place.

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