Major attractions of New York

Major attractions of New York City park

Major attractions of New York City park

Being the largest city in the world, New York is not far behind when we consider it for its natural beauty also. The cities most popular ancient and historic buildings and spaces are very attractive. Not only does the city have large sky touching buildings but also it is rich in Natural gorgeousness.

The New York City parks have a number of other attractive centres. Both the travellers and city people together gather in parks to have fun and recreation. The new york city parks has turned to be a part of the city people. Their life is close to the park areas and has special attachments to these spots. They are the part of their entertainment and leisure activities.

The park is rich in scenic beauty and has wider provision for having recreational activities. Besides the Statue of Liberty and central park, there are lot of other spots to have relaxation and entertainment. Most of the places provide fishing, hiking, and horse riding.

Overnight stay in the parks would be an outstanding experience for all groups of people. This is going to be an amazing option for the nature lovers to explore the beauty of nature. You can check out for the most popular areas and spots to hang around in New York City by searching in Kudago. They provide the options to find the nearest site seeing areas and other facilities. Popular hotels, restaurants, theatre, festivals, museum etc can be easily spotted through Kudago.

Governors Island is another attractive area within the city that can provide a grand visual treat. The 30 acres brand new park at the Governors Island is turning to be the attractive hub of the travellers and tourist. The area is well maintained and full of greenery. The entire area is surrounded by water and the top view is simply awesome and the place is open for the public.