By Leena Watakul

Chinatown History

In 1851, Chinatown was the discovery of gold, which attracted Chinese immigration and made it increase in all of a sudden. And a couple of years later, the Chinese started purchasing land in Bourke Street, this makes Chinatown today extend along Little Bourke Street and Bourke Street. Chinatown experienced an enormous economic growth. And they grow more and more until the Chinatown we see today.


Victoria has a mixture of about 140 cultures, increasing with most of the migrants from Asia. The multicultural in Australia allow people to explore many different cultures in cities. Migrants include people from: Vietnam, China, Italy, Thailand, Japan, Korea, India, America, Greece, Indonesia and much more. All these people are involved in making the community the way it is today. People have migrated to Melbourne for a wide variety of reasons but the most common reasons are opportunities, economy, climate and jobs.
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Overall, an enormous amount of people enjoy spending their time in Chinatown with the beautiful foods, cultures, gifts and many more.