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Dual Language Bilingual Education Newsletter, December 2019

DLBE Welcomes Students and Families in Grades 1 through 6

The 2019-20 school year began with Mount Kisco Elementary School's opening its doors as a school of choice for all families committed to participating in Dual Language Bilingual Education (DLBE). Additionally, Fox Lane Middle School welcomed the first cohort of DLBE students into sixth grade, where they will enjoy Spanish Language Arts and Social Studies courses, developed specifically for continuing DLBE students. As one might imagine, there has been no shortage of work, but our teachers and students are always ready for new challenges!

This fall, our faculty has participated in a number of professional learning opportunities throughout the region. Some highlights include the Hudson Valley Regional Bilingual Resource Network's Conference on "Sustaining Multilingual Education," where teachers discussed language architecture and translanguaging strategies. Teachers also attended the October Conference "Celebrating ELLs in the Early Childhood Classroom," where they gained knowledge and skills about literacy instruction in the bilingual setting. Throughout the school year, DLBE faculty will continue to participate in Teachers College training as well as professional development in the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol, or SIOP Model.

MKES teachers hosted "DLBE Math Night" to showcase math instruction in two languages. At FLMS, parents of sixth graders met with DLBE leadership to learn more about bilingual course offerings at the middle school level. Both schools look forward to welcoming families into their buildings and classrooms in the coming months.

On behalf of my colleagues, thank you to our families for their support of DLBE. Best wishes to everyone for a happy, healthy holiday season.


Adrienne Viscardi

Director of ESOL Programs, Bedford Central School District

Inas Morsi-Hogans

Principal, Mount Kisco Elementary School

Susan Ostrofsky

Principal, Fox Lane Middle School

Come One! Come All! Students Welcome Families to the Grade 5 United States Fair

During the first two months of school, Grade 5 DLBE students were busy learning about the United States’ geography, government, culture, and economic system in both English and Spanish. Students then had the opportunity to apply their new learning in collaborative groups to study a state of their choice. All of the students worked hard to design creative posters displaying all of their research.

On a beautiful October afternoon, the halls of the 5th Grade Wing were transformed into the different regions of the US. Students welcomed visitors with dishes representing the foods produced in their state as they proudly presented information in both languages. The State Fair was an exciting event where families, faculty, and students shared their love of language and the United States.

--submitted by the Grade 5 DLBE team

Fourth Grade Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Grade 4 DLBE students investigated Hispanic countries during Hispanic Heritage Month. Students collaborated to learn all about different countries and their varied cultures. After conducting their research, students delivered presentations about their countries. While students from learned about the cultures and countries of their classmates, families participated in the festivities by bringing in authentic dishes representing the cultures of different Latin American countries. In addition, students enjoyed creating their own Guatemalan Worry Dolls. This year's celebration of Hispanic culture was a huge success!

--submitted by the Grade 4 DLBE team

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Math Museum Engages Grade 4 DLBE Students

In early November, Grade 4 DLBE students visited the National Museum of Mathematics in New York City. At the Museum, students were able to explore many dynamic exhibits and galleries, all of which were interactive. Students also participated in two special programs hosted by math experts. In these sessions, math experts led students through the inquiry process, sparking their curiosity as they were exposed to some of the wonders of math.

--submitted by the Grade 4 DLBE team

Third Graders Explore World Landmarks through 3-D Goggles

Grade 3 DLBE students studied world landmarks as part of their geography unit. This fall they were able to experience virtual reality as they traveled around the globe via three-dimensional goggles.These devices allowed students to visit landmarks such as Macchu Picchu in Peru and the Great Wall of China without leaving Mount Kisco Elementary School. Using this amazing piece of technology makes learning in the classroom even more fun and exciting for students.

--submitted by the Grade 3 DLBE team

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Bridges Support Bears and Build Critical Thinking Skills in Two Languages

Grade 2 DLBE students demonstrated critical thinking in two languages as they learned how to construct a bridge to support 21 small bears. Through the use of teamwork, trial and error, and their background science knowledge, students had a ball building and testing their original designs. First, students began their work independently, creating their own individual visions of the bridge. Then they continued their work with a team, coming to agreement on the idea and approach. As students collaborated to create the bridge, they learned patience and perseverance in the process of persistent problem-solving. Finally, on Test Day, students thoroughly enjoyed performing their experiments and seeing their accomplishments!

--submitted by the Grade 2 DLBE team

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Firehouse Welcomes Future Bilingual Firefighters

Grade 1 DLBE students took a walking field trip to the Mount Kisco Firehouse. The trip, which was part of a larger social studies unit focused on community, coincided with Fire Prevention Week. At the firehouse, students learned about the importance of firefighters as community helpers. They learned about the job and responsibilities of firefighters in addition to fire safety. Students were able to try on real firefighters' uniforms and even tour a fire truck. Grade 1 teachers and students are grateful to Mount Kisco Fire Captain Paul Felice, who generously coordinates this annual program.

--submitted by the Grade 1 DLBE team


Tuesday, Feb. 4th, 7pm

632 South Bedford Road

Bedford, NY


Thursday, April 2nd, 7pm

47 West Hyatt Avenue

Mount Kisco, NY

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