Post 1900 NASA Misions-Cassini

By Skye Heeb

Date of discovery

Cassini Mission launched 15th of October 1997 at 6:43pm

It was a 4 year mission to explore Saturn. In June 2008 it was the first ever extend mission

Technologies used at the time

The Cassini orbiter was used for many things like: cameras, cameras used for different imaging, radar imaging, radio and plasma wave, mapping system, cosmic ( filter ) and dust analyser which picked up iron and other dust particles.

Cassini Spacecraft

The picture above is a image of the imaging system on the Cassini Orbiter.


Cost before it explored Saturn 1.422 billion dollars.

Cost when it was in space 2.7 billion dollars.

What contribution they made to our knowledge and understanding of our Solar System

  • These maps show the first topographic mapping of Saturn Moon ( Titan ). They got this information from the Cassini Spacecraft.
  • The Cassini Spacecraft has kept up to Saturn's orbit and speed