Cigarettes Kill!

Know the truth behind it...

What Are Cigarettes?

Cigarettes, in definition are a thin cylinder of finely cut tobacco, rolled in paper for smoking. Tobacco is the plant who's leaves are used to make cigarettes and chewing tobacco. However, cigarettes don't only have tobacco in it. Also, it has many chemicals and poisons.
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Would You Like to Smoke Chemicals and Poisons?

In just only 1 cigarette, there is over 500 poisons and chemicals! Think of how much poisons you get in your body if you smoke about a pack each day. Poisons kill, so do you think cigarettes can? There are many poisons and chemicals in it, but here are just some of the major ones:

Acetone: Removes nail polish

Ammonia: A household cleaner

Arsenic: Rat poison, and also used in bullets!

Butane: A gas used in lighter fluid

Carbon monoxide: Poisonous gas; also known as the "Silent Killer"

Cadmium: Is used in batteries; can burn off skin

Cresol; Is used in making bombs

Cyanide: A deadly poison, and used in making chemical weapons

DDT: A banned insecticide, can get you very sick

Lead: Heavy metal; used to make plumbing and other pipes; poisonous in high doses, and used to be used in pencils

Formaldehyde: Used to preserve dead bodies!

Polonium: Radioactive; very deadly

Vinyl Chloride: Is used in making PVC pipes and is known to be a carcinogen

Yet there is 487 more!

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How Do Cigarettes Effect You?

Some people might think cigarettes are "cool" and "in" right now, but truthfully, they are a big waste of money. Would you like to spend over 7 dollars a week for something that could kill you? On average, smokers spend over 1,500-2,500 dollars a year for cigarettes. Imagine what you could do with that money. Buy a car, shop, and more, instead of wasting money on this!

Not only you are wasting money, but you are wasting time, and affecting your health. Studies show that when you smoke, you loose 11 minutes of your life. There are various problems that happen to your health with cigarettes. Cigarettes have nicotine in them, which makes them so addictive. If you smoke, circulation decreases, which lowers blood flow to the brain. Blood flows in your brain, and without that, you could get a stroke and your other body parts won't work. Another thing than can happen is that the bronchi in your lungs swell up and cause major soreness in the chest, and heavy coughing. This is known as bronchitis. Would you like to carry around an oxygen tank all day, everywhere? Well, another cause of disease by cigarettes is emphysema, when your air sacs expand and loose their elasticity, which makes it hard for you to breathe. It's so severe, that the amount of oxygen is heavily decreased to breathe. That is the reason for an oxygen tank. Other diseases caused by cigarettes is atherosclerosis, where your arteries harden which leads up to a heart attack or stroke, and cancer, when your cells mutate and grow out of control. Your teeth also get affected; it can get cavities and turn brown, yellow and fall out. You can also get "hairy tongue," when the back of your tongue is hairy like and is a grayish-blackish sore. This also happens with leukoplakia, a disease with the mouth caused by smoking. There are many more problems than this!

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Would You Like to Smoke?

Just by these facts, would you really want to smoke? Here's a way to choose right; think first! Cigarettes kill, and all the diseases prevent you from doing all the things you love. For example: if you love sports, video games, and smiling, smoking is horrible because it prevents you from doing that. Think first before you try one, because once you get addicted, you won't stop, even if you think you will. Would you rather be healthy, or diseased and miserable?
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