Travel to Massachusetts!


England getting boring? Ever considered travelling to Massachusetts? Of course you have! Here are some reasons you should ditch England and migrate to the amazing colony!

High Population

Ever wondered why you should move to Massachusetts? Why, because other people are, of course! With a high population of colonists, you'll never be lonely and you're sure to make plenty of great pals! Plus, teamwork is great for setting up a successful colony.

Religious Freedom

Another reason you should move to Massachusetts is the religious freedom. In England, the church has you pay taxes to preach, and nobody wants that, right? In Massachusetts, colonists have the freedom to preach without paying. A lot of settlers are Puritans too, so they didn't agree with the Church of England and their way of doing things, either. So don't worry, you're not alone!


Everyone knows that New England is especially cold and forested. But that can be a good thing! Winters may be long and cold but the summer is much more mild and pretty short. Plus the cold helps prevent the spreading of disease, and it's better to be really cold than dying of heat, right? And with the forested terrain, there's plenty of lumber!

Free from Debtor's Prison

Most people move to the New World to avoid being imprisoned for unpaid debt. The same thing goes here! Don't worry about not paying your debts because you won't be put in prison!


So come on down to Massachusetts! You'll be glad you did!
(Oh right, and don't worry about the fact that we hung about twenty people that one time during the Salem Witch Trials.)