King George III

By: Aaron Weast

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King George III was a noble king of Great Britain for 59 years. During this time he had a major impact on the world.

King George III had a nice but stressful childhood.

  • He was born in London on June 4, 1738.
  • Although, he almost died at birth.
  • During his young years, he received an education from special teachers st the palace.
  • At only 12 years of age, his father died and he became the prince of whales.
  • Once after being yelled at by his teacher he put tar in their chair.

George III had a decent life as king.

  • At only 22 years old, he became King of Great Britain.
  • He married a German girl named Charlotte Sophia.
  • George and Sophia had 15 kids together.
  • Sadly, in his old ages he suffered from a mental illness which made him really weak.
  • He died on January 29, 1820 at the age of 82.

King George III accomplished many things throughout his life.

  • He was the first king to rule for 59 years.
  • He was successfully able to write and read in German and English which was important to communicate with other nations.
  • He was the first Monarch to study science, astronomy, physics, and chemistry.
  • He introduced merino sheep from Spain.
  • Also, he had other accomplishments in fencing, riding, and dancing too.

Throughout his rein, he had many interactions with other nations.

  • During his rule, Britain was the superpower of the world.
  • Being a powerful nation, this made Great Britain a big target and a threat.
  • Their rival nation was France.
  • Britain fought in the French and Indian War and defeated France.
  • Therefore, France wanted to get revenge. To do that, they decided to assist the american colonies in their revolution against Great Britain.

King George III had a major impact on the American colonies.

  • He passed the Stamp Act in 1765 which made the colonists have to pay more taxes on paper goods.
  • In 1773, he passed the Tea Act which taxed tea in the american colonies.
  • The Americans complained and staged the Boston Tea Party.
  • Because of the unfair taxes he passed, on July 4, 1776, the Americans wrote the Declaration of Independence claiming he was an inflexible tyrant.
  • In 1781 he lost the battle of Yorktown and signed the Treaty of Paris which recognized the U.S.A.

There are many interesting facts about King George III.

  • The planet Uranus was originally named after him.
  • He wanted to be a role model for the perfect farmer.
  • His favorite musician was Handel. Although he also liked to listen to Bach's and Mozart's music.
  • He liked to collect art by Canaletto. Art was a passion of his.
  • Unfortunately, he spent the last years of his life going insane, blind, and deaf due to a mental illness.