Cory Mathews

"Let's make the White House Green"

Why should you vote for Cory Mathews

He is an environmentalist who believes in a strong and independent nation and has fought to roll back tax cuts that help the wealthiest individuals in order to fund public education ad social programs for the poor.


opposes death penalty except for instances of terrorism, Mathews wants to expand federal fundings for the community- policing initiatives in order to protect the nation and prevent crime.

Energy / Environment-

In favor of clean air in water laws and legislation to in act tougher restrictions on car emissions. Also encourage the development of alternative field sources by ending subsidies for oil and gas companies and reinvents the saving in research to develop alternative fuel sources.

Foreign Policy

Mathew believes that our nation needs to rely on diplomacy, rather than military actions to solve global problems except when U.S security is directly threaten or directly attacked.

Health Care

He would like to see medicaid include children who do not have health insurance he also wants to allow the federal government to bargain with drug companies in the U.S and abroad to acquire the safest drugs at the lowest prices for people on medicaid.

Social Services

Mathews is a strong believer in the need to eradicate poverty in America. The U.S can strengthen the middle class with a minimum wage hike and additional job training programs.


Mathews proposes that a guest worker program be created to allow people to come to the U.S for up to 3 years to obtain work after the 3 years they can continue to work in the U.S if they begin the process of becoming a citizen. Anyone currently in the US illegally should be admitted immediately to the guest worker program and provide english language classes for people enrolled in the program since not knowing english is a major impediment to applying for citizenship.