Mental Health Minute

February Edition

Is it February already? Wowza. This is a great month to focus on compassion… for yourself, our students, and community.


National School Counseling Week - Feb 4-8

This is an annual event sponsored by the American School Counselor Association which “highlights the tremendous impact school counselors can have in helping students achieve school success and plan for a career.” I would like to do a shout out to the school counselors in our district: Kara, Lindsey, and Shannon. THANK YOU for all that you do for our students! These are women who in a single day can guide a classroom lesson on friendship, talk a student through an episode of anxiety, sit with a staff member to make an abuse/neglect report, process transcripts for a student going to college, evaluate a student with suicide assessment, plan career events within the community, collaborate through MTSS processes, coordinate circles, bobcat buddies, and tutors, meet with their BIONIC/Dare to Care Club, run testing, call parents with classroom updates, change schedules, and smile with kindness while they miss their lunch yet again. I want to take a special moment to specifically thank you for what is often thankless work. Deep gratitude to you all.

2019 Suicide Prevention Day at the Colorado Capitol - February 26th

State Capitol Days bring together passionate volunteers to advocate for state policy changes that will improve mental health and help prevent suicide. On Tuesday, February 26th, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Colorado Chapter will join together with Mental Health Colorado, Suicide Prevention Coalition of Colorado (SPCC), and National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Colorado to present the 1st Annual Suicide Prevention Day at the Capitol.

National Eating Disorders Week - Feb 25 - March 3


Vaping: Tobacco Use in Generation Z

This is a topic that has come up a lot this year. Many students I work with either know peers who are vaping or are vaping themselves. We have been working with Christa Timmerman, a Larimer County Health Educator, to teach our staff, students, and community about this new trend in tobacco usage.

Attached are these resources:

  • FAQS for Parents and Adults Who Work with Youth
  • What Should I Do if I Find Out My Child is Vaping

Email me for these available resources:

  • How to Address Vaping in Your Community
  • Tip Sheet for Talking to Youth

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Fortnite: Hobby or Addiction?

From elementary school to high school and everywhere in between, students report Fortnite as their hobby/after school activity/what they look forward to doing on the weekend. Where is the line between passionate activity and addiction? Here is an interesting article that interviews a gamer and their perspective on their self-described “Fortnite Addiction.”


Becoming Unbusy

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Friendly February Calendar

This Friendly February Action Calendar from Action for Happiness has daily suggested actions to do throughout February 2019 to bring happiness to others and improve your relationships.

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Hannah Heckerson, M.Ed, NCC, LPCC - Mental Health Clinician

I am a professional that believes in the empowerment of youth to create meaningful change in this world. The majority of my time is serving Estes students (and families) through direct service, case collaboration, and case management. I support staff through education, consultation, and resource referrals. I also work with community providers for wrap-around support for individual cases, community events, group offerings, and mental health crisis preparation.