I can be an entrepreneur

By: Juan Padilla

Juan Padilla

Grade: 9

I felt that the most important things of a business is creativity and your determination.

Entrepreneur is appealing because...

Being my own boss is something that Entrepreneur appeals to me because if i don't like how something i can change it easily. I don't have to deal with it because i'm my own boss.

Also from Entrepreneur i can learn how to run a business and make it successful. Lastly i would be earning more money which i could use to help people.

I have many of the many characteristics and skills that are essential to Entrepreneur such as

I work well in stressful situations which is very good because i don't stress out much that i can make smart decisions that would destroy the company. I good with power i'm not scared to make tough decision. I'm well determine i don't quit that easily. I deal with challenge i don't ignore. I don't fear challenge i take them head on because in the end it could leave me to something good.

I can have successful business that

A business that makes electronics because later on in life people will depend on more and more on electronices