Herbert Hoover

By Hank H.T. Trimble

Early Life Part 1

Herbert Clark Hoover [or Bert] was born on August 10,1874 in West Branch, Iowa in a two room cottage his father made. His father Jesse, his mother Hulda, and is older brother Theodore [or Tad] were all waiting for him and they were all so happy when he arrived.

Early Life Part 2

After Bert his mother had a third kid named Mary [or May]. They were a happy family until Bert got a really bad sickness. He got over the sickness at age 16, but after it he said."I have never been so scared in my life".
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As President

In November 1928, hoover was elected the thirty-first president of the United States of America. Hoover had won forty out of the forty-eight states. After taking the oath of office on March 4,1929 he assured U.S. citizens, saying "I will make this nation rise in hope and not fail as president". In the Great Depression he helped people by rebuilding the town from the war. He also helped by giving money to communities to get out of the Depression. After a lot of giving money the stock markets finally started to go up, and on April 24, 1934 the stock markets were all set and we were finally out of the Great Depresion.

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Death date.

Herbert Hoover died on October 20,1964 from a sickness at age ninety. He was buried on October 25,1964 in West Branch, Iowa. More than seventy thousand people attended the simple graveside ceremony to pay their respects to the Great Humanitarian.
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