Optical Light Fest

When light came into action!

Oberoi International School

The optical light fest was a culmination of the Unit Grade 7 studied on Light and associated phenomena.The exhibition was held on 28th January and was organized by the middle school science team. We were thrilled to see the enthusiasm and energy bubbling over and the young scientists proud with their creation. The response from the audience made us believe that it was successful learning journey which they showcased

Lights Instruments

The students designed and built optical instruments ranging from a kaleidoscope, telescope, a periscope, a microscope, a 3D model of an eye, a Homemade projector ,microscope and so many more.They demonstrated how the instrument works and how they have applied their understanding about the Light in making the Instrument.

These scientists really helped these seventh graders!

The instruments that were showcased

  1. Periscopes
  2. Kaildeoscopes
  3. Binoculars
  4. Telescopes
  5. Spectroscopes
  6. projectors
  7. 3D diagram of an eye

OIS Optical Light Fest

In addition they also Prepared a manual that explains the purpose of each part of your instrument, how it works. They also included an evaluation of their design.The manual consisted of full and complete understanding of the topic.

Big image

Here are some images

Looks like they had fun!Thank you !

Feedback 5th graders

Ryan N. 5D 29/1/16

The optical instrument showcase was amazing, my favorite one was the telescope, made of paper and a few lenses, you could zoom in with it, and it allowed you to see further like any metal telescope would. But, the image was inverted.That wasn't the only interesting thing, as a lot of them were interesting. The makers new fully how the instrument worked and could explain it clearly, they also knew how to make it. The manuals explained a lot and explained in detail and were easy to understand.

Shiv Gupta 5D

I liked the telescopes. All the telescopes were very well designed and the makers had a lot of information about it. The manuals were very well designed and had clear diagrams which explained lots. All the makers were able to explain in detail the function of their telescope in detail.I also enjoyed the virtual reality because it showed use of a simple cardboard box,lenses and one mobile application. A regular virtual reality machine costs a lot but this made a virtual reality without it costing a lot.

Pooja 5d

I really liked the instrument which was the telescope . Because there was a lot of thought put into the making of the inside. I understood the function of how they made a telescope with different types of materials. Next time they could try different lenses so they can spot the difference between the different types of lenses because maybe we can get a different view from a different angle.