Parent Update

November 19, 2021

Best Wishes

First I want to thank everyone for an awesome first few months of school. We hope your family has a restful Thanksgiving week off and enjoy yourselves. It is probably my favorite holiday because it combines family, football, and food. We hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.

I cannot impress upon you enough how important it is for your child to stay academically active through this break and our Winter Break. Our students need to read 40 to 50 pages everyday if they are in intermediate and our primary students should be reading three to four books a day. When your children see you reading they will read too. Take time out of your day to drop everything and read during the holidays. Ask your child questions about their books. Myon will also be available over the various breaks. There are hundreds of thousands books available virtually.

October Service Learning Project

We donated all the candy to MacDill Airforce Base. Sydney, Acevedo delivered the candy and they made 80 goodie bags for the troops. It was a nice service learning project for our students.

The food donations that were made during our Trunk A Ween supplied our Fill a Backpack Program. We are able to replenish our food pantry to help those families that need some extra assistance.

Mr. Gries is also working with each grade level in our gardening area. The students are learning so much and we hope to produce docents for our environment I have personally never seen corn grow from a seed, and I am enjoying the process myself.

Micah, from Mrs. Sosa and Mrs. Giesking approached me about raising money to help organizations clean our oceans. He told me about an organization that is creating robots to go into the rivers to take all the garbage out so it can be destroyed. He also told me that every dollar we raise will eliminate one pound of garbage. I love his initiative and we are working together to send out information to families. He is very passionate about the project and I will help support the cause. Great job Micah.

House Project

Maybe explaining what we are doing with our houses would be helpful. I have asked each family to send in $6.50 for each student to get a t-shirt with the house color that they are in. We are building community within the school by building spirit and good will. Our different houses earn points for things like attendance, behavior, attendance at service projects. They also can get points by bringing in canned goods and things of that nature. Each colored house has a different class from each grade level in it. We started this two years ago and we are very quickly getting it off the ground. We will order the shirts very soon. I don't want a child to go without a shirt. Please support the program. Thank you.

You can purchase your child's shirt on This is a life hack for those of us who are busy. Set up your account and you can pay for just about everything online. Thanks everyone.

Fourth Grade is Going to Kennedy Space Center

Our fourth graders are resuming our annual trip to Kennedy Space Center. Fourth grade parents you can pay for that on There is limited space for chaperones so make sure you get your money in early. Our goal is to have all the money collected before we go home for the Winter Break. I went on this trip two years ago and the students had so much fun. I make it a point to give students a variety of experiences and this is such an educational opportunity for our students.


Thank you to our PTA for setting up a grant opportunity for our teachers. Our teachers are very creative and they are doing dynamic things in their classrooms. The grants offer them an opportunity try new things to enhance the educational experience for our students.

You signing up and paying for PTA makes you a member and contributes to the PTA budget. We should have 640 parents signed up as a PTA member. We have about 180 parents and all of our staff are members. This is a small thing that contributes greatly to our school. Send in your money or sign up through PTA. Thank you for addressing this.

Our PTA does wonderful things on our campus and they support so many initiatives at our school. Every PTA member is valued and we would love to see you for volunteer opportunities moving forward. One of those opportunities is volunteering in the Media Center to help shelve and check out books to our students.

Angel Tree

Please contact if you would be interested in purchasing Christmas gifts for the students on our holiday tree. We purchase gifts for families at Claywell and we support foster kids with the program. It is a wonderful tradition we have at Claywell. We want to make sure everyone knows that they are cared for and thought of during this wonderful time of the year.

Great American Teach In

Thank you to all those who had the opportunity to come in and speak today. It is such a fun time for our students and our teachers definitely appreciate you coming in. Many careers are started in the minds of our students on these days. If not careers they start new hobbies. Sometimes we don't know what the opportunities that are out there. Our wonderful Guidance Counselor, Lauren Stockslager took this project on and did a wonderful job. Again your time is truly appreciated at Claywell.

Thank you for the dessert donation

The staff appreciated your donations. There was so much for our staff. you all are awesome. It was a nice surprise for our staff.