Katy Wood

a proud 7th grader

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Three Things That Describe Me:




Three Qualities That Make Me A Strong Leader:

* I absolutely LOVE helping people with things they need to do

* I believe I am a well-behaved student/peer

* I do NOT like seeing people struggle with things they need to do

Three Things I Hope To Gain:

* Respect for some people I may not like

* Some advice from teachers to increase my want to be responsible

* The ability to help everyone when they are struggling for education, a voice, or just a friend

Interesting Facts About Me:

* I am a twin

* I have moved from N.J. to P.A. to Gwinett County

*I would love to be a Marine Biologist, and work at Clearwater Marine Aquarium

A Quote That Represents My View Of Leadership:

"Remember the difference between the word boss and leader, a boss says 'Go!', but a leader says 'lets go'."

- E.M. Kelly

The Leader That Inspires Me:

George Washington - he was the very first leaders in this country, and found our pride.