Tech. TidByte

April 7, 2020

From Dr. Melissa Williams-Scott, CTO

Welcome to the COVID-19 edition of the TechTidByte. One thing we have been reminded of is how adaptable educators are to change. We knew it, but the rest of the world is now learning how incredible you all are. We have seen so many amazing adaptations to your daily instruction and it is incredible. We are so very impressed with the ability to quickly change to meet these challenging times. We also know that our Gator Students appreciate the communication and support. As your Technology Team we want to thank the many DISD team members who came out to help distribute Chromebooks over a two day span. Your help was invaluable. Now…remember to take time to breathe and disconnect a little too, for yourselves and your families. Oh and don’t forget sunscreen during those outdoor virtual meetings and lessons.

Keeping Your Zoom & Google Meet Sessions Safe & Secure

As you utilize Zoom for conferences and lessons, please be mindful of the information below to ensure student safety. We also want to remind everyone that you must have permission to post photos of students on social media; therefore, we recommend some blurring of faces unless you know that every student in the photo has provided permission to be published.

Dickinson ISD Zoom Guidelines for Safe & Secure Distance Learning

When using Zoom, to avoid meetings being hacked, do the following…

1. Don't advertise the Zoom address using social media.

2. Turn off sharing rights for your participant's screen and document sharing.

3. Make sure to know how to turn off participant's videos.

4. Disable annotations.

5. Turn off private messaging.

6. Use the waiting room feature.

Please review our website on Safe Zoom Guidelines at

The Help Desk is Answering Your Calls

If you are experiencing Technical Difficulties, the Dickinson ISD Technology Help Desk can be reached at 281-229-6028 between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm or by emailing Technology Work Orders may also be entered through Eduphoria Help Desk. We know these are stressful times, and we are still here for you.

We Are So Proud of You!

We get to tell teachers every day that You Are Doing a Great Job! We are so impressed that you learned to distance teach and learn overnight, and you continue to learn new things on a daily basis. You are creating valuable learning opportunities for your students outside the four walls of your classroom while also caring for your students and finding ways to connect with and maintain academic relationships.

Another thing to consider during these uncertain times is that

Grace > Grades. Kasey Bell of ShakeUpLearning introduced this concept a few weeks ago in her blog post. Our students may be sharing devices with parents and siblings while their parents are away at work or also working from home. Have some grace with yourself, too.

The Calm App has also put together some free resources you and your students may find helpful and encourages us all to Take a Deep Breath.

Educational Technology Team Websites

We are updating our sites daily with new, just-in-time tools to help in your distance learning adventure.

Explore our sites at

Facebook Groups to Follow

We cannot close this edition of the Tech. TidByte without asking you to follow Dickinson ISD Technology and DickinsonGatorsTeaching During Covid-19. Both groups offer tips, tricks, and a means to connect with your peers as we stay healthy and at home, away from the students we care about so much.